Sunday, 8 August 2010

At Last!! New Bear

Well here he is at last!! my first bear after a long break. I have enjoyed making him. So.... I shall introduce you to this little chappy. This is BonBon and he just 3". He is made form pink mini bear fabric, with a matching needle felted muzzle. He has black glass eyes and comes complete with hat and his little kite also made by me. He is now up for adoption so if you are interested please contact me for further details. Thanks for stopping by to have a look. I will be posting more of my creations here very soon. Hugs Charlotte xx


  1. How much to have him transported to Sheffield?


  2. He is quite the cutie!! I popped over here from your Mom's blog and will follow to see what wonderful little creations you make :)

  3. ah thanks very much heather for popping over!!thanks for your message and for the kind comments. hugs charlotte xx

  4. He is such a cutie Charlotte, Just popped in from your mums blog. So will follow your little creations as well.

  5. He is adorable. I see him in your mom's blog and I must come to yours to see your creations. I wish you a lot of fun in this bearmaking restart ;-)
    Lot of love

  6. hello charlotte,i found your blog through your mums blog,bon bon is so cute,i wish you luck,and happy creating
    sandra xx

  7. Welcome to bloggyville Charlotte ... I've followed your Mum for ..well, it seems like since I started blogging too... as a matter of fact..we probably began about the same time as a group of us from Teddy Talk all decided to begin blogs at about that same time .... most have fallen by the wayside now...

    Glad you will have some time to play with bears now... I look forward to seeing your little creations....

    Your little guy is a cutie pie indeed!