Monday, 23 August 2010


Well I have been busy getting things sorted for my dance classes in September. The amount of things I have to sort out is very daunting. Still its all going ahead and my first night is 16th September and then again on the following saturday. Very exciting. Oh yes and how could I forget my latest little fellow. This is Nelson who is now up for adoption on ebay. He is made form a slightly curly blue/grey mohair, with contrasting cream face. His face and his paw and foot pads are all needle felted in cream. Hope you like him, i feel like in this picture he has been up to mischief. Hope you pop by to visit his auction!Anyway thats it for now. Will post again soon..
Hugs Charlotte.


  1. Your Nelson is so sweet!! He seems to be a little shy bear ;-) I wish you good luck with your dance classes premiere ;-).
    have a nice day

  2. Nelson is so cute Charlotte, a lot of character in him.


  3. Hi thanks mum and Alicia for your comments on Nelson. and thanks for wishing me luck with dance classes Alicia!!hugs charlotte